Herbal Libations and Wild Bites

An evening social of unusual delights!
presented by
Suzanne Elliott, Herbalist

Saturday, July 13th, 5-7pm

Sip and savor an eclectic array of original handcrafted herbal cocktails with an assortment of delectable wild-foraged appetizers! Enjoy tidbits of history while you mix, mingle, and imbibe in this old-style storefront built in the early 1900's.

In the mood? Wear your vintage attire!

~ Join us at ~

The Moss Beach Social Club
887 Etheldore Street, Moss Beach
(corner of Sunshine Valley Road and Etheldore)

Tickets are $48:

goat cheese with herbs
lemonade with ice
stuffed nasturtium

Sample Menu

Herbal Libations

Sweet Sicilian
Prosecco laced with old vine grape syrup infused with lavender

Flower Power Lemonade
Spiked with American vodka and served with floral ice cubes

Wild Mugwort Stout
Small-batch handcrafted beer made with wild California coastal mugwort

Pine Gibbons
Rye whisky on the rocks, a dose of wild pine elixir topped with orange juice

Ginger Drop
Vodka infused with candied ginger and a dash of herbal bitters

Elderberry Rose cordial

Wild Bites

Stuffed Nasturtium Blossoms
Baguette with Confetti Butter
Potato w/ Cheese and Wild Mustard
Deviled Eggs with Wild Porcini Mushroom
Polenta squares layered with Herb Garden Pesto
Wild Hummus w/crudite
Glazed Nuts with Wild Herbs
Flavored Olives
Warm Goat Cheese rolled in edible flowers and aromatic herbs
Hot Brie smothered in Homemade Sicilian Marmalade and fresh rosemary
Wild Radish Crisps
Candy Cap Cheesecake

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